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Report Sheds Light on “Invisible” Tangible Personal Property Business Tax

Amendment 10 on Florida Ballot Would Create Significant Business Tax Relief  A report authored by the Naples, Florida-based Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) and the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation takes a close look at a tax most taxpayers are unaware […]

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The Cost of Bureaucratic Delay

The Estimated Impact of Delaying by Just One Week the Creation of a Start-Up Business in Florida Download a PDF of the report HERE.   Abstract What is the impact of

RELEASE: Stalling Start-Ups Costs More Than Just Jobs

Report Measures Fiscal Impact of One Week of Bureaucratic Delays to Florida Start-Up Businesses NAPLES – Job creation isn’t the only reason policymakers should explore ways to fast-track the

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FGA helps move Florida one step closer toward job-creating business tax relief

The House Economic Affairs Committee gave a unanimous vote this morning in favor of HB 1003, a proposal to create a new exemption from

Making Florida the Tax Haven of the South

        Encourage Business Investment and Create New Jobs with Lower Personal Property Taxes and Local Freedom and Flexibility Background: Tangible Personal Property (TPP) taxes are property taxes that


How many and which state workers earn more than $175,000?

The Foundation for Government Accountability is shining a light on government spending with—a powerful and interactive new online tool we launched on Monday that puts


RELEASE: Nearly $1.4 Trillion in Government Spending Data Now Just a Few Clicks Away Is Taxpayers’ Online Government Transparency Hub TALLAHASSEE – The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) is shining a light on Florida government spending with the largest and

RELEASE – Report Confirms Start-Ups are Florida’s Top Job Creators

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Start-Up Companies Created More Than 1 Million Jobs from 2005-2009 NAPLES – Start-up companies in Florida created nearly 1.5 million jobs between 2005 and


Job Growth Overview: Start-Up Companies are Florida’s Top Job Creators

Start-Up companies are Florida’s top job creators.  Our policies must help Start-Up entrepreneurs open their doors sooner, hire their first employees quicker, and get Floridians back to work. Download


Start-Ups Are Florida’s Top Job Creators

Florida start-up businesses are the key to new jobs in our state.  Government action should streamline the process for starting a new business to help budding entrepreneurs open shop,