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RELEASE – House Candidate Seeks Government in the Shadows

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 23, 2012 Bradley Maxwell’s Anti-Transparency Agenda Tramples Taxpayers’ Right to Know NAPLES – Bradley Maxwell, Republican candidate for Florida House District 9, announced today that government secrecy is one of his highest priorities—increasing government secrecy, that […]

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How many and which state workers earn more than $175,000?

The Foundation for Government Accountability is shining a light on government spending with—a powerful and interactive new online tool we launched on Monday that puts


RELEASE: Nearly $1.4 Trillion in Government Spending Data Now Just a Few Clicks Away Is Taxpayers’ Online Government Transparency Hub TALLAHASSEE – The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) is shining a light on Florida government spending with the largest and

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A Few Clouds Are Blocking the Sunshine

The Foundation for Government Accountability believes strongly that open, transparent government is critical in a free society.  Without transparency, citizens’ and taxpayers’ Right to Know is non-existent.  Openness


Miami-Dade Taxpayers Can See the County’s Checkbook for the First Time, Thanks to the New Mayor

Today PolitiFact highlighted that Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Gimenez has lived up to his transparency promise.  Within 30 days of taking office, he launched a transparency

Quality Service and Accountability from State Government Employees

As part of my public records requests in Florida, I have been very impressed with the responsiveness and high level of customer service from Florida's state employees.  They