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RELEASE: Unprecedented Public Opposition to Pence’s Medicaid Expansion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Unprecedented Public Opposition to Pence’s Medicaid Expansion 427 Emails, 2,119 Calls Urging Pence to Drop Medicaid Expansion Plan INDIANA – If Governor Mike Pence was counting on Hoosiers’ support to propel his ObamaCare Medicaid expansion proposal, he’ll […]

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Window Dressing: The Iowa Health and Wellness Plan is Medicaid Expansion in Disguise

READ THE REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY When Iowa passed the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan, supporters argued it was a state-focused free-market Medicaid expansion alternative that would draw “free” money

Maine Medicaid Expansion Poll

March 25, 2014 Americans for Prosperity-Maine and the Foundation for Government Accountability commissioned a poll of 581 likely voters in the State of Maine between Tuesday, March 11

The Arkansas Private Option is Medicaid Expansion

Don't be fooled! Legislators around the country are being pressured to expand Medicaid, and they're being told they can do so using only federal dollars.  The truth is


Empty Promises of Arkansas’ Medicaid Private Option Debunked in New Report

So-Called Private Option an ObamaCare Expansion of Medicaid FLORIDA – Legislators who were assured Arkansas’ so-called Private Option draws ObamaCare dollars without having to expand Medicaid were sold a

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Updated ObamaCare Enrollment Map Confirms Dismal Outcomes

White House Spin Attempts to Distract from Americans’ Unwillingness to Risk Enrolling in Exchanges


NAPLES, FLORIDA – The Foundation for


Uncover ObamaCare Initiative Launches Interactive Map Tracking Exchange Enrollment vs. Projections

95 Million Exchange Accounts Needed to Meet Enrollment Expectations FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NAPLES, FLORIDA – The ObamaCare exchanges are on track for monumental failure if current enrollment trends continue;


North Carolina’s Medicaid Failures Exposed, Explained in New Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NAPLES, FLORIDA – Findings released in a new report published today cast serious doubts about Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC)—North Carolina’s Medicaid model—and the dangerous

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Florida’s “Right For Kids” Foster Care Turnaround Explored in New Foundation Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Florida’s success turning around its failed child welfare and foster care system with an innovative, kid-focused reform strategy is examined in a report published today by


ObamaCare Exchange Enrollment Risks Spotlighted in New “Uncover ObamaCare” Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NAPLES, FLORIDA – A new report published by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), should serve as a warning sign for Americans exploring the option of