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Miami-Dade Taxpayers Can See the County’s Checkbook for the First Time, Thanks to the New Mayor

Today PolitiFact highlighted that Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Gimenez has lived up to his transparency promise.  Within 30 days of taking office, he launched a transparency Web site showing the county budget, financials, bondholders reports, and – most importantly – […]

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Top 10 Florida Legislature Accomplishments 2011

List of Top 10 Accomplishments from 2011 Legislative Session

Recently, I met with legislative leadership to discuss policy solutions to advance during the upcoming legislative sessions.  As a new organization that began after the 2011 session, I also reviewed

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Florida Small Businesses Pay Health Premiums at National Average

A recent study reported that Florida small businesses (those with 50 or fewer employees)  had monthly health insurance premiums for their employees averaging $437 for individual coverage


DBNJ Op-Ed: State Should Reject ObamaCare Grants

Read my latest op-ed in the Daytona-Beach News Journal on why Governor Scott and Legislative Leadership were right to reject federal ObamaCare grants. The current debate in Washington

Quality Service and Accountability from State Government Employees

As part of my public records requests in Florida, I have been very impressed with the responsiveness and high level of customer service from Florida's state employees.  They

Florida Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) Enrollment Up 65% in just 3 years, average premiums flat

Health insurance can be expensive.  But for many families, it is important to have a low premium so that they can afford to have any insurance coverage at