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RELEASE – House Candidate Seeks Government in the Shadows

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 23, 2012 Bradley Maxwell’s Anti-Transparency Agenda Tramples Taxpayers’ Right to Know NAPLES – Bradley Maxwell, Republican candidate for Florida House District 9, announced today that government secrecy is one of his highest priorities—increasing government secrecy, that […]

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FGA helps move Florida one step closer toward job-creating business tax relief

The House Economic Affairs Committee gave a unanimous vote this morning in favor of HB 1003, a proposal to create a new exemption from


How many and which state workers earn more than $175,000?

The Foundation for Government Accountability is shining a light on government spending with—a powerful and interactive new online tool we launched on Monday that puts


RELEASE – Think Tank’s CHAIN Letter Criticizes Group’s Opposition to Pro-Patient Medicaid Reform

CHAIN Rejects Healthier, Happier Medicaid Reform Patients in Favor of Bureaucrat-Controlled Health Care

NAPLES – Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) Chief Executive Officer Tarren Bragdon sent

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Legal Scholar Blasts Pro-Addict Judge’s Judicial Activism

When U.S. District Court Judge Mary Scriven blocked Florida’s welfare cash drug testing law in October, the Foundation for Government Accountability disagreed

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RELEASE – Think Tank Touts Medicaid Reform Pilot to Feds, Urgest Statewide Expansion Approval

“A social safety net program that is both pro-patient and pro-taxpayer”

NAPLES – The federal agency deciding the fate of Florida Medicaid patients and taxpayers now

RELEASE – Think Tank Reacts to Judge’s Ruling to Block Drug-Testing for Welfare Cash

Below is a statement by Foundation for Government Accountability President and Chief Executive Officer Tarren Bragdon reacting to a ruling by federal Judge Mary Scriven to temporarily block


ALEC Supports Florida’s Statewide Medicaid Reform

The American Legislative Exchange Council joins the Foundation for Government Accountability and others supporting Florida's Statewide Medicaid Reform and today sent a letter of support to the

Experience with Arizona’s Drug Questionnaire for Welfare Cash Assistance Law

The debate on drug testing for welfare cash assistance is spreading to other states.  Our report showed that about one in ten in Florida are denied cash welfare

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A Few Clouds Are Blocking the Sunshine

The Foundation for Government Accountability believes strongly that open, transparent government is critical in a free society.  Without transparency, citizens’ and taxpayers’ Right to Know is non-existent.  Openness