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How many and which state workers earn more than $175,000?


The Foundation for Government Accountability is shining a light on government spending with—a powerful and interactive new online tool we launched on Monday that puts nearly $1.4 trillion in state, county and local government spending right at your fingertips.

Visit right away, and see how government spends your hard-earned taxes…down to the employee, department and dollar.

Did you know that the highest paid state worker, Frank Brogan, took home more than half a million dollars in salary and benefits in 2010—more than President Obama?

Or that one Miami-Dade County school employee, Alberto Carvalho took home nearly $300,000 in FY 2011 just in salary, and that Lee and Leon Counties have some of the top paid county employees in the state?

Or that the amount the state has paid to Central Florida Behavioral Health skyrocketed 330% in the last six years? has all this information and more; much, much more. includes nearly 35 million records, and more than a decade of government spending information.  The easy-to-use site lets you search government spending by employee name, business, department, municipality, spending category and more, and it’s all just a few clicks away.

FGA CEO Tarren Bragdon unveiled at a Statehouse press conference today, Monday, January 9.  With a full house in attendance, Tarren was joined by Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, State Representatives Matt Hudson (R-Naples), Rachel Burgin (R-Tampa Bay) and Joseph Abruzzo (D-Wellington), and City of Longwood Mayor Joe Durso.

Each of them praised as a major addition to the state’s transparency movement.

CLICK HERE to see what these and other government and citizen leaders including Governor Rick Scott and Speaker of the House Dean Cannon had to say about

You can also see photos from yesterday’s press conference HERE, and video footage of the event filmed by Sunshine State News HERE.

Here’s what you can access on

•    County government payroll (FY 1997-2011)
•    Local K-12 public education payroll (FY 1997-2011)
•    State government payroll (1995-2010)
•    Local government spending (1993-2010)
•    State vendor payments (FY 2005-2011) is shining the light of transparency on all levels of government.  Visit right away. will change all future conversations over government spending.  That’s because this easy-to-use online transparency hub allows citizens and taxpayers to become more informed than ever before.  An informed citizen is strong and powerful.

Visit today and learn all there is to know about how government spends your money.  Don’t hesitate to tell your friends and neighbors about either.  The more we know, the more accountable our government becomes.

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